Happy Australia Day Everyone.

Its Australia Day, our national holiday of a really ambiguous nature that I cop a lot of flack for because I don't like how its celebrated,
For one its used by bogans* to drunkenly yell "Go back to your own F'n Country" and throwing bottles from their car at anyone (me and my partner) in the street as they walk a dog (I was born here and I'm pretty white, so they must have been talking about England.)
(*Bogan (BOH GAN) is the Aussie version of hick or redneck)
Its also the date when the English first park their butts on these shores and its a little disrespectful to the people who were here before,
I'm also not a fan of patriotic pride, this idea we should be proud because we were born in a great part of the world isn't right. We used to make fun of other nations for this, with our laid back culture of fun and mateship. Now we are just as foam mouthed, with people saying bad things about people who settle here. Although its not the Greeks and Italians as much, they are seen as much Aussies as the English now, its the Asians and the Middle Easterners.
In reality being Australian is being committed to building our community, regardless of religion, race or birthplace.
I think because we are a nation that is beginning to realise its legacy, that its built on the backs and bones of people who have had a very hard time dealing with it, Expecting the many peoples who were here before English settlement to take 40,000 years of culture and just adapt to ours in the last 60 years. Hell there is a lot we can still learn from them if we just stopped and listened.
Yes, but the Indigenous cultures weren't even recognised as people until the 1950s
Until then they were classed as 'Fauna.' just one of the f*@king abominable parts of our past. We pay tribute to 'Aussie' Explorers like Burke and Wills who wouldn't have died had they spoken to the people living out there on the land they were 'discovering' and to The White people who rose up against oppression such as Ned Kelly or Peter Lalor (Eureka Stockade People - READ YOUR AUSSIE HISTORY) but we dont hear about the fact that we are one of the few modern countries to actually commit (and succeed at) genocide - because no-one talks about the 'Tasmanian Aborigines', we just know that we made the Tasmanian Tiger extinct.
Now I'm not expecting you to feel guilt for something you didn't directly have a hand in. You were like everyone else, born into your situation as I was into mine. I'm expecting that you use this day to recognise the things that make us unique and the great things we can achieve, as well as respecting the people who came before who have been here for 200 times longer than we have... (200*200 = 40,000 yup that's right)
In the 70s and 80s when I grew up it was an excuse to spend time with friends and family, have a Barbie on the beach or in the backyard and maybe whip out the tennis ball and a bin for some backyard cricket, but its not that anymore, and its really sad. WE HAVE LOST THE GREATEST PART OF OUR NATIONAL IDENTITY. Our openness and our fun laid back attitudes. If you are going to wave the flag on Australia Day, make sure you do it with Love in your heart and with open arms for everyone.

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