Main Characters

TANYA Tanya is a [mnmmmrrrrrph] year old animator who lives in an old house in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. 
She draws Stuff (the why's and wherefores of that are on the
About page) and is a bit of a general geek. She claims to be the Queen of her domain, but mostly just things happen about her and she has to clean up the mess. You will notice too that people either love or hate her, always the extremes.
She was once trained in the martial arts of a group of space explorers known as the Arkadys Rangers, whe don't know when or why this actually happened but I'm pretty sure we will cover it.

ATHENAThe Greek God Athena, in owl form. Known classically as the Goddess of Wisdom, Justice and War, Spends a lot of time hanging out in Tanya's kitchen, enjoying the finer things in life, like good coffee and conversation. 
She appears as an owl because mortals looking on the true form of gods can be driven crazy (though she has at one point appeared in her real form to Hamilton.)

She has been given special dispensation by The Twelve to spend time on Earth due to the rest of the gods realising they are a little disconnected from modern society, and Athena's trips back and forth keep them hooked up with a steady supply of Tim-Tams.

Hamilton is the handy-pig, gadgeteer and all round techno-swine living at Tanya's place. She employs him to upkeep the interstellar communications Array in her basement.

Ham, is a bit of a wild card and can have wild mood swings. Though he can be intensly devoted to his projects and his friends. He is a killer karaoke singer (and can pull off Tom Jones and Neil Diamonds songs with a high level of Flare.

As a rule bacon is not eaten in the house so as not to cause offense to Hamilton

Pepper is a 4 year old Parasaurolophus Dinosaur. What her limited experience hides is a great big heart and a zest for life.

Pepper loves to play and engage with all of those around her. She's almost always the most optimistic person in the room.

Pepper is curious about her origins and does notice the lack of other dinosaurs around. She worried a little about fitting in a house when she grows up. 

Tanya's Cat is a elusive and hidden cast member of this comic, she'll often bet sitting in the background judging everyone.

So Evil.
So, so Evil. 

Tanya's Dog aside from being a playmate for Pepper has looked after Tanya for a long time, from her basket at the end of Tanya's bed, Punky keeps a watchful eye out for threats to the household

She is intensely distracted by towels and food. 

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  1. Pepper is adorable, she reminds me of JL8 for some reason. I think it's the voice I give her.