About OWE

'One Womans Ego' (O.W.E.) is a semi autobiographical thought/drawing dump for Perth based animator Tanya Beeson.
There is a LOT of crap in my brain and I often have to get it out, what you are seeing is the result. Some of it will tie together, other things will be random interludes and flights of fancy, talking animals, space adventures and me seeing myself woven into the craziness.

There are some naughty words
Apologies kids, there is a little spice in the way I talk and I try to curb my swearing - occasionally it comes out, I'm not trying to insult, just emote.

You may see a cartoon version of yourself...
Any resemblance to a real person living or dead, is purely coincidental - no really it is, I swear. If you are sure it's you there is an "I'm having major delusions" HOTLINE on 555-313321 and a trained badger will be ready to grunt at your call and put you on hold with some swanky elevator style music.

Its A Bit Rough
Sure, That's because I draw each strip on my morning bus/train trip to pass the time. Occasionally you will see some polished work, but that's not what this is. Its sort of a morning flexing of my scribble muscle,  (A real body part! Check the New Jersey Encyclopedia of Medicine  - No lie.. Okay maybe a small lie.. Okay, Okay! I made it up on the spot and cited a non existent medical journal, Sheesh will you people let things go!) so you will see underdrawings, spelling errors and some bumpy linework.

Hopefully what comes across is some of the weirdness and heart that I put into it. So I'm hoping you enjoy the scribbles, enjoy the story and are inspired enough to reach for the stars yourself.

Much Love

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