The Tides of SpaceTime - The Ebb Tide

A Sneak Peak into Era's Destiny, the reason he was so loathed by his father, and what he will become 

A Year Later:

coming in August 2015

The Rise of Lord Cray!

The Final Act of Era


Star Wars Fun!

Not an Official OWE just a bit of excitement that GOG are releasing digital releases of 2 of my favourite games of all time X-Wing and TIE Fighter. So excited, time to dust off the old joystick controller!

Info Source: http://kotaku.com/x-wing-tie-fighter-are-finally-getting-digital-re-rele-1651470045

Do As Much Good As You Can...


One Woman's Ego... In Print?

Hi all, Not a Strip post but a couple of questions. I'm considering doing a compiled print version of the first three story arcs. Would this be something people are interested in?

The book would contain...

The Space Story
The Assassination
The Tides of Spacetime

and the Various Poster Strips that fit in between these stories.
All polished and shiny as well as the original blog posts

Here's a Rough layout of the Cover! What do you think?

and the Interior Art

Waves of a Dark Destiny


Reading Upon High,

In 1988 we moved out to a farmlet, 33 km out of Collie, in a place known as McAlinden. It was the former paddock on a large sheep farm. And we spent the next 4 1/2 years living in a shed, while we built the house.

I was kinda lost. The only friends i had nearby were a couple of hours bike ride down a rather dangerous hilly back road. It's here where I really indulged my love of reading.


Little Sisters are the best

Of course the language that came out of my sisters mouth that day was a little more elaborate and pretty articulate for a 7 year old. And there were 3 kids, not just Daryl. Daryl was to die about 10 years later in a pretty horrific car accident. 
Something all my siblings have that I dont is a lack of fear. I tend to over think conflict situations where they just charge in. I envy that a little.


Time Like Flailing Hoses.

My Sister and My Cousin and I were quite the Trio as Toddlers and so - As Era tries to Save the Multiverse - You are going to see some of my Defining Moments over the next week. Some of them have Still Left me Raw and some fill me with joy..