Secondary Characters

Tick is a young recruit of the 'Guardians of Time and Space' the common title for a race of 4th Dimensional explorers who live in a city 'bubble of null time' - watching out for time and dimensional travel paradoxes.

Tick started as Era's partner and, after the events of 'Tides of Spacetime' is now a full fledged Guardian. She is assigned to watch over Tanya and friends, purely to prevent further issues in the future (...or past.)

Era is one of the more successful Guardians having been raised as part of the corp. He was forseen (as all Guardians get a future life map from the Delphi, another species of cross-time creatures) to bring a great evil into the Universe, and has been badly treated by his father as a result. Era is stalwart and focused and has always risen above the difficulties his destiny has posed

The Oracle is a creature of immense evil with the capacity to cause suffering on a galactic scale, his species, the Delphi are known prophets and seers. The Oracle can see the future so clearly and so precisely his vision extends beyond the end of time. It is for this reason he is considered mad. The Oracle is foretold to unleash a lieutenant, Lord Cray the Betrayer, who will spell the end of the Guardians
Leader of the Guardian Bunnies and father to Commander Era. 
Mae Runs the spaceport diner in orbit around the Galactic Capital of Kenbearuh (and her species, the Footlar are quite common as their planet is nearby.)

Mae is known as a friendly face to most galactic travellers and makes the best coffee 

Sitting in his state room Lord Abbotton is an enigma. He has weaseled his way into the role of Galactic Leader and plays a long game of manipulation. His public face is as a no frills in your face political aggressor, but he is not quite as smart as he makes out. In the end his plans and plottings make as much sense as this description of him, little to none.


Abbottons Right hand man, er, Bird. 
Dagot is a known menace to the Galaxy. From the hubward world of Hobarr he has become the most wanted galactic pirate of all time.

Dagot is a simple creature with simple pleasures. He would sell his own mother for his next thrill. 

This Bounty Hunter and Wanted Assassin is currently hired muscle for Dagot
The Cat people of Rojogato IV are a spacefaring species known throughout the galaxy. Beautiful and often-times deadly they have a number of personality traits that are similar to Terran (Earth) domestic cats. They are either loved or loathed because of this
Abbottons elite troopers. 

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