30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 10: Inspiration

I find inspiration in a lot of fiction - I grew up on a steady digest of second hand books and loaners from my friends. I read comics and played Tabletop RPGs, when games got deeper I dove into them too. Come along Warcraft 3 in 2002. It was my first dip into Warcraft (I was already a fan of Diablo) and I played through the Human campaign slowly Grinding through the missions. I'd Loved the intro campaign of Thrall rallying the orcs of Azeroth and leading them to a new homeland that the human campaign seemed to be quite bland to me, the fall of Prince Arthas. The Undead came next and I enjoyed it but didnt feel the connection, spreading a disease of undeath.

The 3rd campaign was amazing however. After leading his people to freedom Thrall helps them throw off the shackles of demonic influence and earn freedom from their literal demon, Mannoroth. Thrall was a fictional savior.

When World of Warcraft was released I dove headlong into the Horde, following the Horde and Immersing myself in the fledgling nation of Durotar. 10 years later and I'm still there. I know its a game, but I was, am, inspired by the story of Thrall and his drive to honourably settle his people.

That loyalty is weird, because I know its a game, but I'd still follow Go'el (as Thrall is now known) into battle at the drop of a hat, even though he is no longer Warchief of the Horde.

In real life, I'm inspired to have that level of determination myself, to make a mark, and to hold my own honour high up on a pedestal. 

Sergeant Razanor Wolfclaw - Orc Shaman -
(Twisting Nether)

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