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Hi all, 
You may have noticed this mornings strip is missing. I've been living in a flu delerium for the day and realising that OWE is growing well beyond my mental control. I'm having to make notes now to remind myself of events and characters and trying to keep a continuity going.

But I have hashed out the next few storylines, In a rough form (My method is not unlike creating a casserole (Throw in everything and hope that the gravy tastes good.)

Here's My Plan
#1. I'm going to add more Random Strips, The comic started as that before I exploded with the OWE universe (it was a big bang style event, you should see what it did to the kitchen) I'm missing the chance to do daily gags and imagery of me throttling my students Homer Simpson style
#2. I'm going to have a few more posts go out, like this with just thoughts and Ideas and life commentary. If you have been following Facebook you will know that it feeds from my twitter now and I don't do double posts. The Facebook post will go straight into the group
#3. I'm working toward a print Version of the Strip, its coming. but I'm weighing up logistics on what or how it should be done
#4. I may get a little Meta and start detailing the OWE universe in some form you can access - the new character pages are the start of this - Ideally I'd like to create a sci-fi Tabletop RPG setting based on the strip (pipe dreams eh)
#5. More little Animation tests as I play with my characters

Upcoming Storylines (Could Change without warning and are not necessarily in this order)

7 Gates:
A new antagonist sends the Group through a dimensional gate - this is a art experiment story and its going to involve a little collaboration

Lords of Olympus - Athena gets her own Story (this could occur at any time as it is going to be based on my own real world trip to Greece, I'm headed for Athena's temple and the foothills of the Olympic mount)

Swords of Erastus - Hamiltons new portal to the Galactic gate on Kenbearuh goes awry. This is a huge nod to my hobby of tabletop roleplaying so will have a lot of Tropes referencing that.

The Last Guardians / The Rise of Lord Cray - Halloween 2015 unleashes Lord Cray's Wrath as Tanya and Ham are bought in to assist with the Evacuation of the Guardian city (which I will have to name, at some point) 

Webs of Arkadys - We delve into how I was trained as an Arkadys ranger and what the hell an Arkadys ranger is.

Overall I hope you keep up with us and check back every day and if there is something you like or dont like or just want to Wax lyrical - email me at tanya@onewomansego.com

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Much Love

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